"I'm a 24 year old college freshman. I decided to go back to school after years of working as a heavy equipment mechanic to better my life and the life of my wonderful fiancée.

I came across CBT Direct one day and was very surprised to receive a phone call back from CBT Direct right away. I was extremely skeptical at first. However, after signing up for the CompTIA package, I saw immediate results just by mentioning that I was in training for the A+, A+ IT Tech, Server+, Network+ and Security+ certifications on the ".COM" job seeker websites. I went from getting offers to work at fast food restaurants and quick "oil change" garages to receiving serious offers for IT jobs that pay anywhere from $80-110K+ a year! I haven't even completed all of my certifications and am already looking at career offers that are at least double the highest yearly income I've ever made! All this has happened in just one month!

I would definitely recommend the training program to anyone looking to better their lives. The education provided by CBT Direct will allow me to start a family and live a comfortable life in a fraction of the time that it would take going to a university. For those who have a desire to better their lives, there is no better way to go. And there is no person who will work as hard to help you reach those goals as my training advisor at CBT Direct.

I look forward to the life that I never thought I'd be able to live and I will forever be indebted to CBT Direct and my training advisor. This is the one opportunity that everyone should take advantage of. Thanks for everything."
Rich Pennington

Great A+ Course!
I just wanted to thank you for your A+ training course. This is the most I have ever learned about repairing a computer. The online mentors are awesome! I would recommend this course to anyone because it is that good! If I can learn this way, than anyone can!
Jeff Johnson

A+ Certification Achieved!
I took the Operating System test today for the A+ certification title and passed. I took the Hardware portion about a week ago and passed that as well! I wanted to thank you for getting me started on my way to financial freedom and a job in the field I love!
Jared M. Hume

Network+ Course Better Than Studying With Book
Dear CBT Direct:
My Network+ training is going well. I like the course – it is much more informative than the "#1 Best Selling Book on Network+" that I was studying with before. With your Network+ course, I’m getting just the straight information and not all the fluff that goes into most books.
Thank Again,
Michael Bishop

After Studying with CBT Direct, Second Attempt at A+ Exam a Success!
With the help of your course, I was able to pass the A+ Operating System exam! I took the exam once before and obviously wasn't prepared for it. So, I got in touch with your company and explained my situation. I was very pleased with the A+ course material. I was much more confident when I sat for the A+ exam the second time. Thanks CBT Direct!
Julian Torres

Online Mentors 'A Big Plus'
I am studying with the CompTIA A+ and Network+ courses, and have found the online mentors a big plus. To know that I can ask a technical question any time of the day or night has aided my learning considerably. It is never too much trouble for my mentors to answer questions instantaneously.
I am so impressed with CBT Direct that I have signed up to do the CCNA and MCSE courses with CBT Direct too!
Michael Steward

CompTIA A+ Course
I recently completed the CompTIA A+ course, and wanted to take this opportunity to say how valuable I thought the entire program was. CBT Direct's course didn't skimp on any details! As a result, I passed every test the first time. I feel extremely proud! Achieving CompTIA A+ certification will undoubtedly enhance my resume and aid me in my job search. I can say with confidence that CBT Direct offers a top-notch training program.
Yahaya Balinda

CompTIA A+ Course
Thank you for helping me prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification exams. I took both the Hardware and Operating System exams this morning, and it only took me 15 minutes to complete both exams. The examiner said she had never seen both tests completed so quickly and with such high scores. I owe it to you guys! Thanks again for all your help.
Joshua Marsh

CompTIA A+ Course
CBT Direct's course covered everything I needed to know to pass my certification exams - and more. With CBT Direct's course, I never wondered if I was studying the right material. After getting CompTIA A+ certified, I received so much respect at work that it was overwhelming. I am still known as the person who achieved CompTIA A+ certification when the others couldn't.
Carol Hamm

Train on Any Topic with CBT Direct's Course Library
I enrolled in the CBT Direct library of courses and in two months time, I had successfully passed the CompTIA A+, CompTIA Server+ and Network+ exams. I knew the CBT Direct course material would guarantee my certification because I had previously acquired my MCSE 2000 and CCNA with their help. I also knew that for me, it was the only affordable solution.
I can't say enough good things about all of the help I've been given and the technical excellence of the material itself. I continuously recommend it to novices trying to enter the field and IT professionals needing to upgrade their skills. The best thing I can say is, if you do the course you can do the job.
Again, my thanks.
Michael P. Schabowski

MCSE & CompTIA A+ Courses
I knew that if I had the proper educational tools I could reach my goals. CBT Direct supplied me with excellent courseware and access to mentors 24-hours-a-day. I worked hard and went through the courses in no time, and got CompTIA A+ and MCSE certified. In a matter of weeks I had landed an excellent position as an IT support specialist and began my new and exciting career. If you put forth the effort, CBT Direct can help you reach your goals too!
Gilbert Weeks, MCSE, CompTIA A+ Certified Professional

MCSE & CompTIA A+ Course
I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed and pleased I am with my CompTIA A+ and MCSE course material so far. Everything is just as you said: clear, concise and very professionally produced. Again, thanks! You saved me and my two friends $8,200 each and provided us with everything promised from the "competitor" and more. Just to let you know, I referred CBT Direct to two other individuals who will be contacting you soon.
Jeff Friend

CBT Direct's Courses
I wanted to take this opportunity to write and tell you how much of a difference the recent software purchase has made for my class. Previous to purchasing the software, we taught the subject that is covered by your CompTIA A+ course using the old tried and true method of books and lecture. Comprehension scores are much better using the [CBT Direct] CompTIA A+ course. In the past, I taught Networking by giving students the hardware and software along with the manuals, then sending them off by themselves to setup a server. Using the CBT Direct method, they have grasped the complexities of networking much quicker.
Howard M. Whitney
C.M.T. Instructor

CompTIA A+ Course
The CBT Direct CompTIA A+ course material was excellent. I thank you all for preparing me so well. Every aspect of my association with you and your company has been first class. Now that I am a CompTIA A+ Certified technician, I am starting your MCSE course.
Ray Pollard

CompTIA A+ Course
I have a part-time PC repair business and wanted to earn CompTIA A+ certification so I could advertise my skills and draw more customers. It took me about two months to complete the course. I passed my exams on the first try, and with high scores! Afterwards, I noticed an ad in the paper for a position with Compaq Digital and thought I'd apply to supplement the money I was earning from my PC repair business. Because of my certification, I got the position and now I'm working fulltime for Compaq, earning more than I could at my own business! I'm planning on tackling the MCSE course next.
Jeff Luttmer,
Ontario, Canada

CompTIA A+ Course
CBT Direct's CompTIA A+ course is fantastic. The clarity of the explanations is very professional, and the presentations of technical concepts were especially helpful. I showed a friend my CBT Direct CompTIA A+ course, and he was so impressed with the product and the presentation of the material that he purchased the CompTIA A+ course. Now he is well on his way to getting certified, too.
Roy Huibrechtse,
Saskatchewan, Canada

CompTIA A+ Course
What do you get when you study the CBT Direct CompTIA A+ Certification course? Not just certification… but a totally new JOB! I used the information form your study materials to ace not one, but two interviews to get a position I had been after for the last two years. All I can say is thanks!
Jay Kimsey


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